Trophy Rugs


Lilydale Road has been offering clubs their Trophy Rugs at discounted rates for many years as their way of sponsoring clubs to be able to provide beautiful rugs at their shows.

The Wool and Cotton Show Rugs are superior rugs, and from the quality products used to the design and finish, it's a luxurious prize that the class winners will use over and over, not only advertising your club and event, but also your very important and valued sponsors.

The front flaps on our show rugs have become a feature that both winners and organisers love to have. It takes it to a whole new level of opulence and ensures that the rug you're providing to the winners will be used above all others and get you the extra promotion you are searching for.




* All our rugs are made in WA

* Any colour combination is available to suit your club or major sponsor

* Embroidery is done on site

* 3-4 lines of embroidered text is included in the price

* Any extra embroidery and logos can be embroidered at extra cost

* Front flap available upon request


Our prices are as follows.

* Wool Show Rug $165

 * Cotton Show Rug $115

* Front flap $25

* Extra embroidery can be quoted upon request


Please contact us at or phone 0428 515 114 to discuss your trophy rug options further.